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About Us

Huimio is a startup software company founded 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

Our goal is to transform education and chores into elevating experiences.

Experiences in which sense of achievement replaces joyless grinding.

Huimio builds on six decades of experience in software, music, design and marketing.

We are serious about fun!


Tunemio is the ultimate practicing tool for amateur and professional musicians.

Tunemio enables you to improve your singing or playing by recording yourself and listening to the results. Listening to your practicing helps you keep tabs on your progress and focus on issues that still need work.

Tunemio maintains a journal of your rehearsals and tracks your achievements.

Tunemio is available for Mac computers and iPad devices.

Tunemio makes rehearsing efficient and fun!

Singing Christmas Greeting

Singing Christmas Greeting is the easiest way to send truly personal wishes for the holidays.

Choose from nine classic Christmas carols, record yourself singing along. Share the song, accompanied with a selection of photographs to your friends or family via Facebook, e-mail or messages.

Singing Christmas Greeting is a universal application, and available for both iPhones and iPads.

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Huimio Oy
Kaisaniemenkatu 1 B a 77
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