Press release 6.11.2014

Tunemio - the new best friend of all musicians - launches globally

Huimio, the developer of Tunemio, changes the way music is practiced. Tunemio on the iPad is a full-featured practice buddy that is easily taken anywhere, anytime. Tunemio enables all musicians to practice more efficiently - regardless of the skill level, instrument or genre. After a successful soft launch in a handful of countries Tunemio is now globally available for the iPad.

Tunemio is a tool for musicians. It boosts rehearsal methods and provides easy insight into what’s been done and when.

As with all activities that demand concentration, separating the rehearsals and analysis of the results is crucial to progress. Tunemio records the practice sessions and enables review of the works afterwards.

Tunemio uses backing tracks to help the user maintain a good musical flow. Any song can be used as a backing track. The iTunes Store contains thousands of professionally created backing tracks ranging from old classics to the current top hits. Song previews in the iTunes Store can be used to experiment with Tunemio free of charge. Users can also utilize their own recordings as backing tracks. This is very useful for bands and choirs.

Tunemio displays progress and achievements on a bold visual journal. Bragging about recently learned songs has never been easier than sharing the accomplishment from the journal.

Tunemio is optimized for use as a practicing tool. It allows the user to concentrate on the most difficult and provides intuitive audio effects to tune the performance.

Tunemio is easy enough for a beginner who is just getting started, and powerful enough for a professional musician.

“We have received lots of insightful feedback during the soft launch period. Based on that we have updated and improved Tunemio significantly, and are now eager to enter the biggest stage of them all: the world”
-Veli Kaksonen, Huimio CTO

"Tunemio has all the required features for even the most demanding classical musicians, and it's so easy to use"
-An aging concertmaster

"We discovered your application, and could not believe our eyes. Exactly what my son needs to imitate his favorite artists. Thank you!"
-Father of a Hevisaurus kid

Huimio is a startup founded in 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.
Huimio launched Tunemio for OS X in 2013, and is now launching the iPad version globally.
Huimio is a quartet, with a deep love for music as well as more than sixty years of experience and competence in software, design, music and consumer marketing.

Come and meet Huimio in the Slush conference in Helsinki in mid-November and witness the first glimpses of Tunemio on the iPhone! Huimio will be present at the Reaktor Polte and Finnish Music Startups stands in Slush!

Tunemio is available in the App Store worldwide, download free of charge

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